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1:1 In-person Tutoring

Specializing in K-12 Subject Tutoring,
SAT/ACT and other Test Prep, plus STEM Support

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Subject Tutoring, Elementary

From: $40.00

Our tutors assist the student in his or her growth areas for reading/writing/math/science/social studies using our center’s materials, the student’s schoolwork, or a combination of both.

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Subject Tutoring, Middle and High School

From: $50.00


Our tutors assist the student in his or her growth areas for core curriculum (including AP classes) and most electives using our center’s materials, the student’s schoolwork, or a combination of both. Classes at this level require a high level of expertise in a tutor.

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SAT/ACT Tutoring

From: $50.00


After pin-pointing each student’s challenges, our tutors provide instruction and coaching on SAT/ACT content, strategy, and timing to give students the best odds of quickly-boosted test scores. Classes at this level require a high level of experience and expertise in a tutor.

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College Essay Preparation/College Application Process

From: $60.00

$60/hr ($120 per 2-hour session)

This process requires intense focus by the student and the tutor on a student’s unique accomplishments, experiences, and goals. Therefore, these sessions are 1:1. We can help a student develop a series of college essays (including supplemental essays), complete a resume, and get started with the overall application process, which is a true exercise in deadline management, information gathering, and timely requests. Our center can also help parents access information on available scholarships, along with many helpful “do’s” and “don’ts.”

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Professional Tutoring Services in Fort Worth, TX

At Pierce Institute, we see that much is asked of American families today. Despite the pandemic, the academic imperative upon our children to get and remain competitive is higher than ever. Consequently, the burden upon parents to position children for success can sometimes seem overwhelming. Today, there are so many options for schools and test prep, and each entity promises its solution is the best one for your child. Putting all the vital pieces together, Pierce Institute brings subject support, test prep, college admissions help, plus coding & robotics and basic engineering classes under one roof. (This is what happens when an English teacher marries an Electrical Engineer.)

  • Is SAT important anymore? Are technology skills really so vital?
  • Does attendance at a good private school guarantee your child will get into a good college?
  • If your child has a learning difference and struggles to stay on grade level, does that mean he or she can't get into a good school?

We are here to help you sort through these questions, organize a plan, and execute that plan in manageable steps.

Be skeptical of any organization that "guarantees" your child's success. One thing hasn't changed and won't change: success takes commitment. Top schools have always, and will always, require evidence of rigor and persistence. However, with your child's work plus our work, Pierce Institute can help put such evidence in your hands.

What Pierce Institute can do:

  • Teach testing strategy
  • Fill in the gaps for the items your child wasn't taught at school
  • Provide a safe environment for asking questions and taking risks
  • Provide ample practice opportunities to solidify skills
  • Break big tasks into smaller parts and help your child master a formula – a repeatable process – for replicating results in a classroom
  • Equip your child with the cross-curricular skills and technology skills needed to successfully navigate today's state testing and other standardized tests

Given that instruction, it is next to impossible your child won't show significant progress, but success takes real-world grit. What if your child isn't currently motivated to show such grit? We offer incentives, and also help the child make connections between today's small effort and the impact of that effort on tomorrow's results.

Let us help your family. Ideally, we like to build years-long relationships. Whether your child comes to us needing help with schoolwork, test prep, computer programming, basic engineering skills, college essay assistance, or all of the above, the answer is YES! We seek to be an additional support in your child's life, encouraging productive habits and guiding him/her to achieve big goals in small, approachable steps.

Parents today don't have to make a part-time job of studying the academic arena, searching for answers. We are happy to help you sort through those realities and give your child the best odds for success. You can breathe more easily knowing you've done everything you can, and one day, as a successful adult reflecting on your efforts, your child's heart will melt with gratitude.

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