Alexander Pierce, President of Pierce Institute, Director of Pierce Professional Group

With a bachelor's degree in computer engineering, a master's degree in electrical engineering, and twenty years of professional experience in engineering and design, Alexander brings academic and practical experience to the center's classrooms. He started programming for a manufacturing company in 2002 during his college internship. In 2005, he began designing equipment and providing innovative control and automation solutions for manufacturing companies in Oklahoma and Texas.

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He has also orchestrated industrial plant automation for a beverage bottling company in Fort Worth. His entrepreneurial spirit is nothing new -- he has seen success with the company he founded in 2012. While not teaching classes, he works as a SCADA engineering manager for a large utility operation in Texas. Alexander heads up our adult education branch, Pierce Professional Group, which makes computer programming and business communication skills (including adult ESL services) available to adults who desire a self-paced, one-on-one instructional setting.

He also teaches basic engineering classes to our teen/young adult students. Fully bilingual, he learned English as a second language, so he understands the challenges of families with a complex language background. He brings to the classroom not only this valuable global perspective but also his real-world experience and current industry knowledge -- elements missing from most other classrooms. STEM students and other individuals looking to augment their technical skills are in good hands with Alex – hands that can truly bridge today's goals with tomorrow's realities.