Coding, Robotics, and Engineering

From the 4-year old who can't quite work a keyboard yet to the MIT-hopeful working to perfect their competition robot, Pierce Institute is here with appropriate instruction and inspiration to explore your next level of STEM learning. Our products include VEX 1-2-3, VEX Go, VEX IQ, Arduino, Birdbrain Technologies, Lego Robotics, and much more.

Learn block coding, Python, JavaScript, C+, C++, and more. Beyond learning a computer language, learn how the language, the software, the hardware, and the design skills all fit together to eventually let your project fit your original vision (and maybe exceed it)! 

Students can choose from casual group learning to more focused, personalized instruction. Students can come weekly, or just from time-to-time.  We'll create a custom solution for each family's needs.

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